Sunday, April 27, 2008

10 Ways to Know if You've Been Facilitating Groups Too Long

Top 10 Ways to Know that You've Been Facilitating Groups Too Long

By Kevin Vreeland and Jesse Skaggs (posted with permission)

1. You watch someone on TV belaying improperly and you wake the
neighbors with your yelling.
2. When you go to help a friend move out of his apartment, you find
yourself doing commands before lifting: "Ready to lift!", "Ready to
lift!", "Lifting!", "Lift on!".
3. Your best friend fails a Bio test and you sit down with her to
debrief it.
4. Your classmate spots a rubber chicken in your backpack and looks at
you funny.
5. You dream of coiling a rope and wake up to find a beautiful butterfly
coil lying right next to you.
6. You create a Full Value Contract with your roommates at the beginning
of the year.
7. You practice your bowline-on-a-bight with your shoe laces during your
history lecture.
8. Your dad climbs on top of a dresser to replace a light bulb and you
lecture the rest of your family about proper spotting technique.
9. You tell a neighbor that you're in to "GRABBSS", and she won't talk
to you anymore.
10. You raise your hand in class and ask the prof if the upcoming
test is challenge by choice.

Jesse Skaggs
Pocono Plateau Camp & Retreat Center