Friday, February 4, 2011

NY Times Article: Can Exercise Make Kids Smarket?

I wrote the book Achieving Fitness, An Adventure Activity Guide because I knew that my three book series Adventure Curricula for Elementary, Middle School and High School were both excellent and lacking something. Many of the activities are not very vigorous or aerobic. They are great for teaching social and emotional skills, but I thought we could do more.  In researching for Achieving Fitness, An Adventure Activity Guide, I learned a lot about the benefits of exercise and the brain, much of which is cited in the introduction to this book.  

However, the data in this article does not appear in any of our publications. In this article, you will learn even more about what is physiologically happening to a child’s brain when he or she engages in aerobic activity. There is more than a chemistry change going on. There is more growth. In this case, size matters.  So, if you are interested in the positive effects of aerobic exercise on a child’s brain, read on!  If you are still defending your program, read on. This continues to support why active learning is so effective.

Jane Panicucci