Friday, October 31, 2008

Master's in Education - Adventure Focus - California locations

Kristen Okura of Don Juan Avila Middle School in Ailiso Viejo CA and Chip Candy, NASPE Teacher of the Year from NJ, have been advocating for a series of workshops for California PE Educators that will support the achievement of the Plymouth State University / Project Adventure Master's in Education with an Adventure Focus.

Starting in November, a series of weekend Project Adventure workshops will be held in Ailiso Viejo. Each workshop is eligible for 2 or 4 graduate credits through PSU (part of the NH state university system). Workshops will be lead by Project Adventure instructors.

And, the good news is, you don't have to be interested in graduate credit to take the workshops. You can select one workshop or if you register for five or more, you receive a 10% discount on all workshops. The workshop tuition includes all books and materials. Payment for credits is through PSU ($135 per credit). Workshop tuition ranges from $290 - $ 400 and is payable directly to Project Adventure. Advance registration is required.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, or to inquire about holding a series of workshops in your area, contact or call 805-556-0895 or 978-524-4619.

Click here for more info on the Master's Degree Program or PA's California Workshop Series.

Research and Evaluation of Adventure Programs - 5th Annual

What are the goals of REAP?

To advance scientific, evidence-based research in adventure programming in educational and therapeutic settings.

To connect research with practice and practitioners with researchers.

To explore how evidence-based research can influence program quality and public policy.

Don't miss it!

The Annual REAP Symposium March 18-20, 2009 Atlanta, GA, USA
5th REAP Symposium
Introduction Letter from Paul Limoges, Chief Executive Officer, Association for Experiential Education and Dick Prouty, President, Project Adventure, Inc.
REAP Symposium Flyer
REAP Symposium Call for Proposals (Word doc ) (pdf )

For questions, contact Alison Rheingold, Coordinator @

Project Adventure Workshop Photos!

What do you do in a PA workshop? Adventure Programming looks like this:
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reflections from a workshop partictipant

Of course, Project Adventure trainings are about learning skills, methods and tools for using in your work. But the by-product which is often over looked - or that isn't thought about in advance is the learning about your self.

One recent participants comments remind me of that extremely meaningful and relevant benefit of the unique format of Project Adventure's open-enrollment workshops.

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Putting learning into action!

"I’ve been teaching history for 10 years. The skills I’ve learned through my Project Adventure trainings have been the highlight of my teaching career!"

Mike Brady, Indian River Middle School, Chesapeake VA

Mike became re-engaged with Project Adventure in 2007 when he wanted to pursue his Master’s Degree. After eight years of teaching middle school history, Mike was considering getting his Master’s in counseling. After doing some research, he realized that school counseling wasn’t exactly the direction he was seeking.

A brainstorming exercise reminded him of an experience he had working at a camp where he used adventure-based methods. Mike realized, "Wow, why don’t I pursue something along the lines of Project Adventure".

Mike recalls that his research led him to the Project Adventure/Plymouth State University Master’s in Education program. The combination of PA workshops and PSU classes "are in line with my passion."

As team leader, Mike has been able to introduce his fellow teachers to the core concepts of Project Adventure including the Full Value Contract, Challenge by Choice© and intentionally-designed activities.

He recalled an incident where the benefit of Project Adventure’s methods was demonstrated. A teacher left the class room briefly. Upon his return, the teacher noticed that someone had written a derogatory term on the board. Of course, no one would come clean on who had written the word. Using the PA Adventure Group Process that Mike learned in his Adventure with Youth at Risk workshop and passed on to his fellow teachers, the students were empowered to maintain a safe learning environment while helping their peer to take ownership of negative behavior. During this process, the young woman admitted that she was the one who had written on the board. Her peers decided on a consequence, which she agreed to (In School Suspension) and served.

This intervention was successful for all students, including the young woman, because the ground work was done in advance through the use of the Full Value Contract and active learning including adventure activities. These methods increase social and emotional competency, develop an emotionally safe learning environment, and challenge students to become responsible and accountable for their own behaviors.

Mike is hoping to build on this success. He is proposing a nine-week Project Adventure based course. Students, some who will elect to participate and some who maybe identified, will increase social and emotional skills, increase pro-social behaviors and ultimately increase academic success.

To learn more about how you can bring Project Adventure into your school or program, email or call 1-978-524-4619.