Friday, September 12, 2008

Project Adventure Welcomes Back the Cambridge School of Weston

The Cambridge School of Weston has been bringing students to the Challenge Course at Moraine Farm since 2005.

The faculty of this school originally came to Project Adventure for a staff development day, and had a great program. The teachers immediately saw the connection for student learning based upon their experience.

The culture of the school is one of emphasis on the individual’s strengths and talents. Because of this, one of the goals was to help students reach out to students they might not usually interact with, and to learn the positive side of working as a community.

At the end of the first program, the teachers felt very hopeful that PA would have a positive influence on their school community. Based on their history with PA and the excitement with which students look forward to the program, it appears their goals are being met.

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Achieving Fitness of the Body and the Mind, by Jane Panicucci

A new article by Jane Panicucci that will help you make the case for increasing physical activity in your program!

Panicucci, M.Ed., Harvard University, is currently Vice President of Project Adventure and author of Achieving Fitness: An Adventure Activity Guide and the Adventure Curriculum for Physical Education series. Panicucci is also the leading expert on the integration of adventure in Physical Education programs and schools. As a public school educator in the mid 80's, Jane designed an Adventure curriculum that is still going strong. She is an international keynote speaker addressing the issue of adventure play and effective teaching to support positive change.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Best Deal Around - Free Membership in the National Alternative Education Association

The National Alternative Education Association is an all-volunteer organization with members nation wide. With a focus on providing tools, standards, support and professional development to its membership and beyond, membership in NAEA is free! Simply go to the NAEA website and sign up.

You'll join a growing group of professionals who are committed to providing high-quality, standards based education to vulnerable, at-risk and disengaged children and youth.

In conjunction with University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, the NAEA hosts an annual conference. Now in its 15th year, the conference, "Alternatives to Expulsion, Suspension and Dropping Out of School" features a tract for administrators, gang issues and immigration. The conference is being held in San Antonio, TX January 28-31, 2009.

Connect with educators, curriculum coordinators, school resource officers, and administrators from across the US. Join today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Project Adventure Workshop Listing 2008-2009

Project Adventure's 2008-2009 Workshop catalog including workshop descriptions and dates is now available on line.

For assistance in selecting a workshop, call 1-978-524-4554 or And remember, any of these workshops can be customized and delivered at your site for your staff.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lockport High School Starts the Year with Climbing Wall Training!

Lockport High School was one of the many schools around the country that used their Carol White PEP Grant funds to infuse adventure into their physical education program.

Project Adventure's PEP Grant Implementation Specialists, Bill Bates and Wayne Berger worked closely with grant coordinator Pat Seidel to develop a challenge course installation that meets Lockport's goals for improving PE in the district.

This week, Darryl Essensa, a PA trainer and former Physical Educator, is working with physical educators from Lockport in an intensive training which combines our Adventure Programming and Technical Skills Intensive - customized to meet their specific goals.

The educators are learning practical skills for using the challenge course equipment effectively including:

  • Standard operating procedures and safety guidelines.
  • Understand the applications for equipment including harnesses, helmets, carabiners, and belay devices and belay set-ups.
  • And knot-tying skills, belay team skills
  • Challenge course take up and set down procedures and equipment retrieval.

The educators are also learning the soft skills required for effectively using adventure in-line with curriculum standards for Physical Education including:

  • The core concepts of effective PA programming including Challenge by Choice (c), Full Value Contract and the Experiential Learning Cycle.
  • How to use sequencing, debriefing and facilitation skills to achieve desired outcomes.
  • They will experience the activities that they will be expecting students to participate in.
  • They will learn to infuse fun, positive and appropriate risk taking and trust into their classes and teaching methods.

At the end of the five day training, educators will be able to effectively implement Project Adventure into their Physical Education curriculum. The result will be students who are more engaged in physical activity and have learned tools for goal setting, appropriate risk taking and have a better idea of what they are capable of - not only physically, but mentally, academically and socially.

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